You are looking at the old Apostrophe 0.5 documentation. It is deprecated for new projects. Check out the latest version!

Media Library and Images

One of the many “global” functions of Apostrophe is managing and adding images that can be reused throughout the site. Images, and other kinds of media files like documents and PDFs, are available for editing in Apostrophe’s Media Library. In this tutorial, we’ll cover adding new images to the Media Library, browsing existing media, and editing existing media. While this tutorial focuses on images, all of the information that you’ll learn applies to all kinds of file types.

##Step One: Getting Started [Insert Image of admin bar hovering over media library] To get started with the media library, find the “Media Library” option in the admin bar. This will bring up the “Media Library” modal which we will be using throughout the remainder of this tutorial. [Insert Image of Media Library]

##Step Two: Adding New Images Now that we’re in the media library, we can add new images that can be used throughout the site in an “Image(s)” widget. To add a new image, you can either (1) drag a new image into the dotted area marked “Drag Images here” [Insert image of drag area] or (2) click the link in that dotted area to select a file from your computer or device.

[Insert image of multiple images being uploaded] You can add as many images as you like in one pass, either by dragging multiple images in or selecting multiple images in your system’s file upload dialog.

[Insert images of media library annotation] Once you’ve uploaded your photo, you’ll be asked to add some information about your image: a title, any appropriate tags, a credit for photos, and a description. Adding this information will allow you to more easily search for your images later on when the Media Library starts to become full.

##Step Three: Editing Existing Images [Insert image of filters in ML] Besides adding new images to the Media Library, we can also browse and edit the images that are already there. We have a few options of how to find existing images: you can filter by file type, owner (who uploaded the file), and tag. You can also do a simple text search that looks at the file name and description. [Insert Image of clicked image and sidebar] In order to edit or access information about a photo in the media library, simply click on a image in the media library. You’ll see that image appear in the right-hand sidebar with some basic data about it. You can download the original file by clicking on the link provided and you can also click on the “Edit Details” button to change any information about the file.

[Insert image of image in edit mode] Once in edit mode for an image, you can even replace that image with a different image. This will replace the image in any widget across the site. In edit mode, you can also remove the image from the library, and this will remove the image from across the site.