You are looking at the old Apostrophe 0.5 documentation. It is deprecated for new projects. Check out the latest version!

Cross-module includes in Nunjucks

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It is possible to include Nunjucks macros and template files from one module in a template that resides in another, or in a project-level page template, layout template, etc.

The syntax looks like this:

For example, the apostrophe-schemas module relies on this feature to allow you to include its macros for use in other modules:

{% include "schemas:schemaMacros.html" %}

Notice we say "schemas" rather than "apostrophe-schemas". This is the "asset name" of the module.

Asset Names

Each module registers itself for this purpose when it calls apos.mixinModuleAssets. By convention, the name of an official Apostrophe module for this purpose is the same as the name of the module, minus the "apostrophe-" prefix if any. The name is always lower-case, with hyphens if necessary.

Asset names for project-level overrides

If you override the blog module's templates at the project level, the asset name for your override is my-blog. If you want to make sure your overrides are respected while using cross-module includes, always use the my- prefix. And don't worry: if it doesn't exist, you'll get the original.

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