You are looking at the old Apostrophe 0.5 documentation. It is deprecated for new projects. Check out the latest version!

A simple module

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Here's the simplest module you can create without subclassing something else.

Create lib/modules/mymodule/index.js and populate it with this code:

module.exports = factory;

function factory(options, callback) {
  return new Construct(options, callback);

function Construct(options, callback) {
  var self = this;
  // Add a bunch of methods to self here, then...

  // Invoke the callback. This must happen on next tick or later!
  if (callback) {
    return process.nextTick(function() {
      return callback(null);

// Export the constructor so others can subclass
factory.Construct = Construct;

In a nutshell: you must export a factory function, and it must have a constructor as its Construct property. That constructor must do any needed initialization, then wait for next tick before invoking its callback, if one was given to it.

Please note that Apostrophe follows the "self pattern," rather than the prototype pattern. Those who are used to implementing inheritance with the prototype keyword will find it slightly different. We prefer this pattern because it eliminates several common sources of bugs.

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