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Preparing your module for npm

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Releasing a module via npm isn't much different from creating one in lib/modules.

The main difference is that, if you are subclassing another module, you will have to require that module and invoke its constructor directly as part of your constructor. module.exports.Super is not available.

A second difference is that you are responsible for adding your module to the options.modules chain, which is a list of module directories used to resolve template overrides and ensure that all versions of pushed assets are delivered.

Here's how the events module does it when subclassing snippets:

var snippets = require('apostrophe-snippets');

module.exports = events;

function events(options, callback) {
  return new events.Events(options, callback);

events.Events = function(options, callback) {
  var self = this;

  ... Add our own defaults to options, etc ...

  // Add ourselves to the "options.modules" chain
  options.modules = (options.modules || []).concat([ { dir: __dirname, name: 'events' } ]);

  // Invoke the superclass constructor, options, null);

  ... Override various methods, etc ...

  // Invoke callback on next tick if we receive one
  if (callback) {
    process.nextTick(function() { return callback(null); });

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