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Rendering templates in your own routes

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You might choose to set up some routes of your own, usually for REST API calls, AJAX rendering of small portions of the page, or form submissions. We recommend you not render an entire webpage via your own route in most cases; it is better to use page loaders to render entire pages. However you will often want to make an AJAX request via jQuery and return a JSON object or page fragment.

In such routes you can use the self.render method to render a page fragment via a template in your module:

self._app.get('/apos-stories/weather', function(req, res) {
  return res.send(self.render('weather', { temperature: 65 }));

When a request for /apos-stories/weather arrives, this code will render the views/weather.html Nunjucks template found in your module, passing it the variable temperature to the template.

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