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Custom image sizes

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Although Apostrophe provides standard image sizes to cover almost any situation, sometimes you'll want images that are larger or smaller than our standard options. In those cases, just add the addImageSizes option to your apostrophe-site configuration in app.js, like this:

  addImageSizes: [
      name: 'max',
      width: 1600,
      height: 1280

With this configuration, the new max size can be up to 1600 pixels wide, and up to 1280 pixels tall. Now you can use max as a value for the size option when setting up slideshows or accessing images directly.

Generating new sizes for old images

If your site already contains images, you'll need to run the following command line task:

node app apostrophe:rescale

If you have a lot of images, you should expect this task to take a long time.

We suggest adding the new size and running the task before you start actually using the new size in your templates.

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