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Restricting child page types

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You can restrict the page types allowed beneath a particular fancy page type by using the childTypes and descendantTypes options. Here is an an example:

'myPageType': {
  extend: 'apostrophe-fancy-page',
  name: 'myPageType',
  label: 'My Page Type',
  // Immediate children must be of one of these types
  childTypes: [
  // All descendants must be of one of these types
  descendantTypes: [

The childTypes restriction applies to immediate children of this page. The descendantTypes restriction applies to all pages that are descendants of this page (children of its children, etc).

These restrictions are cumulative. If a page higher in the tree has already restricted the types allowed beneath it, your restrictions further limit what can be done. They cannot make an exception to a rule that comes from further up the tree.

For these reasons it is usually best to make these restrictions at the project level in app.js where you know about all of the page types that are in use.

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