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Exporting Snippets

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To enable the ability for admins to export snippets add enableExport: true to the app.js configuration of a specific snippet.

CSV and TSV formats are available. Additionally, you can add XLSX (Excel 2007) format by adding the apostrophe-xlsx module to your project.


  • All schema fields are included by default. However, you can set individual fields to exportable: false to exclude them.

  • Trashed items are NOT included by default. You can choose to export them by setting the flag exportTrash: true.

Example app.js

schools: {
  extend: 'apostrophe-snippets',
  name: 'schools'

  // Enable export functionality for admins
  enableExport: true,

  // Export the trash as well
  exportTrash: true,

  addFields: [
      name: 'password',
      label: 'School Password',
      exportable: false           // Don't export this field

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